Depth of the Shadow

This is an ‘Immersive Performance’, connecting the real stage and the virtual stage using Perception Neuron and Oculus Quest 2.

<Depth of the Shadow> is a performance about ‘relation’. The audience will encounter with each other and experience a new form of relation. how that effect the performance. The two audience will interact with the performance


We concentrated on the concept of ‘Immersive’. What is the use of technology in immersive performances? We experimented around this new type of relation. Especially when it is based on the real stage, how will the performer exist and interact with the audience?


The space connects the two stages mathematically. Precise numbers make the abstract space tangible to use as a tool.

real stage

virtual stage



shadow – the shadow takes a multiple role in this performance.


The music is also based on the mathematic algorithm.

Molecular Music Box (developed by Tom Snively)



ARS Electronica Garden Festival, Seoul Garden, Karts Immersive Performance Program

Team < Inter – Cumulation >

We are consist of five people, gathered to make experiments in ‘interaction’ and ‘cumulation’

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