Becoming and Being

Group Project by <<ATYPIC MOVEMENT>> (Hunmin Park, Hyun Cho, Jeeyoun Kim)


We learned how to make sound with a light sensor using arduino. From this we had an idea that we could transform the sound back into the light and interact to the light sensor again. It was a transformation between ‘wave’.

This loop can be extended by connecting the light sensor to another speaker. This way, we could make more various sounds combining together like an orchestra. Either sound and light.



After this work, we thought how we could make a story out of this mechanism. Then we came out with an idea of a different type of ‘wave’, the pulse of our heart. We were able to purchase a pulse sensor that measures pulse from our finger. The data of our heart beat converts to digital numbers then those numbers formed particular sounds. Then we repeated the process we made above. This way, we thought the person will definitely get affected by the environment and the initial data will change in some way.

Program from OK GO

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