It’s a story about a girl learning that it is okay to be different.

1 Black Bird / Jee Youn Kim

2 3 Plora had another sad day.

4 5 Why am I always different with my friends? Why are they always picking on me?

6 7 Even her friends / Even her teacher / Where ever she go / People gossiped about her.

8 9 In the end, Plora got too sad she decided to be alone all by herself.

10 11 Alone, Plora drew trees,

12 13 She also drew cows, horses, and fishes.

14 15 Soon her room was full of fantastic animals!

16 17 And Plora went off to explore the fantastic world!

18 19 I am the king of this world! / But you are different from us!

20 21 My mum said don’t play with you! / Why can’t you be like other kids? / Plora ran away from the black birds but they didn’t let her go.

22 23 Oh no, Plora fell into a hole!

24 25 The more she struggled, the deeper she fell. / But she finally managed to trap the birds in a cage.

26 27 Not until she realized that she was the one who was trapped!

28 29 But then she thought; ‘why am I afraid of the black birds who are just a shadow? They can’t harm me at all.’

30 31 She stretched her arm out and shooed away the black birds.

32 33 When all the birds flew away, Plora came back to her room again too.

34 35 Finally, Plora took courage and went outside.

36 37 The black birds still flew on her, but they flew away after a while.

38 39 Plora is not sad anymore. She now knows that the black birds fly away eventually.

40 Good bye!

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